When Eyes Open

Living & Demonstrating the Miraculous

by Andrew Friesen


This book is about what the Holy Spirit showed through my own journey.

Raised in a Christian home, I found myself frustrated longing to see the same miracles found in the Bible. But in the midst of my questions, I discovered a more awesome and amazing Jesus than I had ever known. My entire thinking about God and the gospel changed. As it did, my life was transformed. Miracles became a part of me. This miracle life took me from my home in Canada to Colombia, South America, where I now preach Jesus and regularly experience extraordinary miracles in my own personal life and ministry. The basis for this book is what the Lord showed me about miracles through His Word.


  • The greatest joy
  • The Jesus style 
  • The privilege of prayer
  • Wisdom to minister miracles
  • How to walk with the Holy Spirit
  • Love is the key