Since receiving Andrew’s teachings I’ve experienced amazing results. I’ve now prayed with over 100 people to receive Christ in many different contexts.  In my work place, on mission trips speaking to larger groups and one on one. Andrew is such an authority when it comes to evangelism.  His teachings are incredible and the results I’m seeing are miraculous.  What a joy! 

John Peters / Winnipeg, Canada



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Andrew’s teachings are always an inspiration to me to continue to live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I got more confidence in sharing the good news! Super excited about my results!

Cely Santos Tiburcio 



Regional Director of Missions Latin America

Andrew is motivated by three things: love for Jesus, a powerful desire to share Jesus with others, and a strong desire to have others encounter the power of God.  He lives the gospel.  He lets the word of God penetrate his heart.  The result is a life lived in the fullness of joy, the awareness of God's presence, and the power of God's truth.  From this flows proven miracles.  We hunger for the evidence of the power of God,  Andrew lives there.

Rev. James Guskjolen / Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada



I have had the opportunity to observe Andrew Friesen over many years.  He has been a man with a definite call of God upon his life.  I have had plenty of opportunity to observe this Holy Spirit inspired power gift of evangelism in operation, whether on the street, in the mall, or here at our church in a Sunday evening service.  Andrew has certainly shared the gospel in large gatherings around the world, but I also know him to consistently share Jesus as a way of life in the privacy of his personal life.   

Pastor Bruce Martin/ Calvary Temple



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Former Miss Atlantico of  Colombia,
Model of the Year and Life Coach

Andrew has taught me that it's faith in Jesus, the son of God that brings the physical and spiritual healing. I recommend Andrew's training because it's so important to that the gospel is preached with signs and wonders today just as it was when Jesus walked the earth. The greatest thing about the ministry of Andrew Friesen is that he flows in the power of the Holy Spirit."

Jenny Mansur  / Miami, Florida




In 2010 I began to listen to Andrew's teachings. The message he taught began to revolutionize my life and ministry.  I started to sense and new boldness to share the gospel. Since then, I becomes a part of a leadership team where I preach regularly in our church.  When I arrived there were 100 members.  Now there are more than 1000 members.  Thank you Andrew, God has used me to do all this because of what you taught in your course.

Andres Consuegra  / Barranquilla, Colombia