It’s with great gratitude and excitement that I write you this letter.  As the Christmas season is in full swing I wanted to share an exciting opportunity with you that's just around the corner.  

In just a couple days we travel to the city of Fundacion, Colombia for a gospel crusade in the park plaza on December 16th and 17th.  


Yes it is a privilege and responsibility to proclaim the gospel to the nations.  Mark 16:15 says “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”  Some have said this Scripture only applies certain individuals but that is false.  It applies to ALL believers.  The scripture says it’s for all believers.  Whether it’s popular or not.  The gospel must be preached!  God has so blessed me that I'm absolutely sure of the will and have no doubt that the demonic oppression will bow to the name of Jesus when I proclaim the good news, but we can’t do it without you.  Your help is needed.  Our ministry depends God’s grace and on good people like you who pray and give to this ministry.  


Other believers know they should participate preaching the gospel and in giving to help win the lost, but get overly concerned with their own needs and even think that God can’t use them because first they have to be healed before they can reach out to others.  That’s a lie.  Look at the disciples!  They had a lot of issues but Jesus chose them and used them despite their problems.  If you wait until everything is perfect you’ll never do anything.  No, the time is NOW.  In fact, often God will heal you as you reach out to help someone else.  How awesome is our God!  

Would you consider giving a special financial Christmas gift to help us proclaim the Christ of Christmas this coming weekend in Fundacion, Colombia? Please give your best gift now by simply clicking this link.  Your love is needed today.   A million thanks!  And I look forward to sharing with you the testimonies of lives touched and changed forever through your partnership with this ministry.  Never forget that we love you, and God loves you even more.  From the bottom of our hearts; Thank you!   


For souls,