This ministry exists to help people overcome the obstacle of fear and share the love of God to all people in the Jesus style.

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Help us reach thosands of people each year in Latin America through the David 200. The David 200 gives you special access to School of Miracle material every single week and much more. 


In 2010 I began to listen to Andrew’s teachings. The message he taught began to revolutionize my life and ministry.  I started to sense and new boldness to share the gospel.

- Andres Consuegra / Colombia


What is the

David 200?


The David 200 is based out of the scripture found in 1 Samuel 30 where David takes 600 men to go out and fight against the enemy.  While on the journey 200 of those 600 men got tired and decided to stay behind and send supplies and resources to David while he and the 400 fought the battle against the Amalekites.  


The Lord gave David a great victory.  When David and his men returned to the 200 they divided the rewards equally and everyone benefited.  Because David recognized that if it wasn't for the 200 men staying behind and sending the resources, they never would have seen that great success. 






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We see all of Latin America and the world saturated with the gospel of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit.